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If you need assistance, please fill out the form below, and, when you are done, click the "Submit to Support" button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For immediate answers to many common questions, please check the FAQs:

linkFrequently Asked Questions


Program's Manual

CryptoForge comes with a complete user guide where you can find not only instructions on usage, but also information about the software's capabilities and technical data. To access the online user guide, please visit:

linkUser Guide

The user guide is also installed with the software. If you have already downloaded and installed CryptoForge, press the Windows Start button and choose All programs >> CryptoForge >> Help, or type "CryptoForge Help" into the Windows search box, or just press the Help button on any dialog box.


General Information

We see technical support as an opportunity to improve our software, so we consider after-sales service and support as important as the product itself. Please don't hesitate to contact us by using the Support Form on the left and we'll be glad to assist you. Note that registered users will take priority over non-registered users. We will answer questions from non-registered users as time permits. For more contact points, see Contact Us.
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