Configuring Algorithm Options

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Configuring Algorithm Options

The Algorithms page is used to specify which algorithm(s) to use for encryption. When decrypting, CryptoForge automatically uses the correct algorithm(s).

The Speed button performs a speed test on the ciphers. Performance is evaluated using randomly-generated data in RAM memory, with no disk access or compression. The result is the average number of megabytes per second between encryption and decryption.

Icon_Info The speed test is intended only for comparison purposes. The actual speed of a complete encryption or decryption operation depends on a variety of factors.

For details on encryption algorithms and cryptographic security, see Security and Encryption Algorithms.


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Encryption Algorithm Options

Algorithms tab

Icon_Tip Even though CryptoForge supports multiple encryption (encrypting with more than one algorithm at the same time), for most users any single algorithm provides a high enough level of security.