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Common Syntax

Common command-line syntax is described below:

CFFiles <command> <switch1> <switchN> <file_or_folder1> <file_or_folderN>


A character specifying the task to be performed by CryptoForge (Encrypt, Decrypt, or Shred)


Switches used to specify options and to provide additional information.


The name(s) of file(s), folder(s), or drive(s) to be processed.


For the command line to be recognized by CryptoForge, the first parameter must be a valid command.

The command character, every switch, and the file names must all be separated by at least one space.

Precede each option with a forward slash (/), for instance: CFFiles /e /efn /subf "C:\My Secret Docs"

Files or folders can be absolute, relative (to your working directory), and UNC paths.

Commands and switches are not case sensitive; you may write them both in upper and in lower case. The only exception is the password; if you specify a password using the /passw:<your_password> switch, then the password itself is case sensitive.

You must use double quotes to wrap file names containing spaces.


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Return Values