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CryptoForge Encryption Software

Encryption Software

CryptoForge Encryption Software CryptoForge Encryption Software

File Encryption Software

CryptoForge is easy-to-use file encryption software for personal and professional security. It allows you to protect the privacy of sensitive files, folders, or email messages, by encrypting them with up to four strong encryption algorithms. Once the information has been encrypted, it can be stored on insecure media or transmitted on an insecure network -like the Internet- and still remain secret. Later, the information can be decrypted into its original form. CryptoForge integrates the strongest encryption available today into the Windows environment.

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What's new?

- December 23, 2015: CryptoForge version 5.0.0 released. This new version of CryptoForge adds support for Windows 10. New Updater module simplifies software maintenance and updating. Improvements for security, reliability and speed. It also fixes several bugs.

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Features and Benefits

  • Quick to download, simple to install, and easy-to-use.
  • Based on public domain encryption algorithms: The strong encryption employed by CryptoForge is the best available today.
  • Impracticable brute-force attack: If one billion computers were each searching one billion keys per second, it would take over 10*10ˆ24 years to recover information encrypted with a 168-bit algorithm (the age of the universe is 10*10ˆ9 years).
  • Multiple Encryption: Your information will be safe, even if in the future an encryption algorithm were successfully attacked.
  • Built-in File Shredder: Matches and exceeds DoD specifications (US Department of Defense).
  • Built-in Powerful Compression: Compression strengthens cryptographic security even more. Good encryption software must include compression.
  • Large File Support: It supports 64-bit file sizes (16TB maximum on NTFS volumes).
  • Handles files of any type, on any kind of drive, on both local and network resources.
  • No back doors or escrow keys - Be careful not to forget your encryption password.
  • Command-Line Interface: Allows quick integration into automated processes and other systems. Add encryption software to your processes in minutes with the help of the Command Line Builder visual tool.
  • Filename Encryption: CryptoForge data encryption software can encrypt the name of the file along with the file contents and replace it with a randomly generated file name.
  • Built-in Secure Text Editor: capable of converting text, images, files, or objects, into ciphertext.
CryptoForge Encryption Software
CryptoForge Encryption Software
CryptoForge Encryption Software
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