CryptoForge Updater

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CryptoForge Updater

CryptoForge Updater allows you to determine whether you are running the latest version of CryptoForge or not, and gives you quick and secure access to important security updates and new product versions when they arrive.


To start Updater, do one of the following:

Press the Windows Start button >> All Programs >> CryptoForge >> Updater, or

Type "CryptoForge Updater" into the Windows search box, or

Right-click the CryptoForge system tray icon and choose Check for Updates from the pop up menu. This will launch Updater and check for updates.


Check for Updates

CryptoForge Updater

To check for updates, press the Check button if you haven't already done so. If there is an update available, this button becomes Update and lets you download and apply the update.


Icon_Info Updater respects your privacy: it does not send any information to the Internet and does not install any updates without asking for your approval beforehand. CryptoForge Updater is a separate application to ensure your privacy and to give you total control of when and how to check for updates. Updater works by downloading a small text file from the website which contains information on the latest version of CryptoForge and the update program available, if any, and its checksum for a secure download. If you would like to view the text file in a regular web browser, open Updater and press Ctrl+Alt+R. This will display the file URL.


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