Decrypting Documents

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Decrypting Documents

To decrypt a document, press the Decrypt button, or F8. If you have not entered the passphrase yet, you will be prompted to enter it.

If you have a ciphertext block in another program, like email or messaging software, you can copy it to the clipboard and then right-click on the CryptoForge Text window and choose Decrypt from Clipboard from the popup menu. This way you avoid having to paste in the ciphertext and then decrypt it.

Encrypted Document

Text's main window

Icon_Warning Ciphertext blocks have beginning and ending tags that must be present for documents to be decrypted. Do not modify the ciphertext or the message will become corrupt and will not decrypt. However, CryptoForge Text automatically ignores any text found outside the ciphertext tags, as well as non-standard characters within the ciphertext. Format and font make no difference either.