Composing Documents

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Composing Documents

To compose a new document, use the editing area as you would with a word processor. You can also open existing CryptoForge Document (.cfd), Rich Text Format (.rtf) and text (.txt) files. The latter two formats are supported by several applications and word processors.

Icon_Tip To insert files into the document, press the Insert File button. You can also copy and paste, and drag and drop files to and from the Text document.

The Insert >> Object menu item allows you to embed objects into the document, like graphics, multimedia clips, spreadsheets, etcetera, according to the applications you have installed on your device. Then you can open or edit the object by double-clicking it. This feature is supplied through OLE.

Non-encrypted documents can be saved as CryptoForge Document (.cfd) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) files. If formatted text or embedded files are not needed, documents can be saved as plain text (.txt) files.