Encrypting Documents

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Encrypting Documents

To encrypt the document, press the Encrypt button, or F7. If you have not entered the passphrase yet, you will be prompted to enter it.

To specify which encryption algorithm to use, click the Message menu and choose Algorithms.  When decrypting, CryptoForge automatically uses the correct algorithm. Also note that the algorithm you set in CryptoForge Text may be different from the one in CryptoForge Files.

Icon_Tip To encrypt a document directly to the clipboard, right-click on the document window and choose Encrypt to Clipboard from the popup menu. You will then be able to paste the ciphertext into another application, like e-mail or messaging software.

Encrypted documents may be saved equally as CryptoForge Document (.cfd), Rich Text Format (.rtf) or text (.txt) files. Encrypted documents are just plain, unformatted text.