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CryptoForge Text


CryptoForge Text allows you to create, encrypt and decrypt documents that, in addition to text, can contain embedded files or objects. Documents are compressed, encrypted and converted into unformatted ciphertext, so that they can be easily sent by e-mail, text messengers, or any app capable of sending simple text. When decrypting, the ciphertext is converted back into the original document, including any embedded files or objects. In general, for large files you would use CryptoForge Files instead. However, since CryptoForge Text encrypts everything to ciphertext, it allows you to send files even in environments where attachments are blocked.

Icon_Warning The passphrase in CryptoForge Text is separate from the one in CryptoForge Files, and it is stored in memory until the program is closed or a new passphrase is entered.

CryptoForge Text

CryptoForge Text

To start CryptoForge Text, do one of the following:

Right-click the CryptoForge system tray icon and choose Text Encryption from the popup menu, or

Press the Windows Start button and select All Programs >> CryptoForge >> Text, or

Type "CryptoForge Text" into the Windows search box.

Icon_Tip Whenever the mouse cursor is placed over a button or menu item, a brief description of its function is shown in the Status Bar, which is located at the bottom of the document window.

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