Getting Started

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Getting Started

CryptoForge consists of four main modules that offer individual functionality:


CryptoForge Files

CryptoForge Files is a tool that encrypts files of any type and size, on any kind of drive. It allows you to protect files while in transit or for secure storage on your device, the cloud, remote computers, or external drives, for instance. This program also includes a file shredder for secure destruction of sensitive files. An encrypted file created by this app can be sent by e-mail as an attachment. Click on the image for further information.


CryptoForge Decrypter

CryptoForge Decrypter is a portable, free, and tiny app that allows the decryption of files on any device without CryptoForge installed. This easy-to-use app does not require installation and can run from USB or external drives. It can also be freely sent to business partners or contacts, for instance, as e-mail attachment along with encrypted files.


CryptoForge Text

CryptoForge Text is a special text editor which is meant for sending encrypted information as cipher text. It allows you to create documents with text and embedded files or images. Everything is converted into encrypted cipher text, which you can simply copy and paste into any app like e-mail or any instant messaging software. When decrypting, CryptoForge Text rebuilds the document with any embedded objects.


CryptoForge Updater

CryptoForge Updater is a utility that helps you to keep CryptoForge up-to-date, which is particularly important for security software. The fact that Updater is a separate application ensures your privacy and gives you total control of when and how to check for updates. IT pros and advanced user can even set their own rules and conditions to check for updates.